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Vegan Photographer?

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Did you know that there is a non-leather material option for vegan photographers? Yes, Hold Fast Gear does makes leather goods BUT they also make this alternative vegan-friendly MoneyMaker known as the Camera Swagg. Everything about the legendary MoneyMaker without the leather. Owning it, has changed my life.

After finally using this holster for over a year now, I can finally give you my honest review and opinion. Last year, around March 2017, I purchased my first duo-camera holster. I wanted it from a brand I could trust. I asked my partner what brand had he been wearing for the past few years and he mentioned Black Rapid. So, I went on search and came across Hold Fast Gear, a small business company licensed with Black Rapid.

But first, let me tell you the reason why I needed this holster. (in the color "copper") (full story here)I wanted to make my wedding and concert equipment setup more balanced on my body. I had a Liver-Transplant in 1992 when I was six months old. Later in 2001, I developed a rare disease called Dermatomyositis (inflammation of the skin, joints and muscle). Unfortunately, the combination of both, their respective medications, and treatments, push my body to its limit on daily basis. There are many things I can not do or can do very little of. One day, photography became one of those things. Usually my passion and drive would always find a way but eventually it came to a point where I couldn't fight my body anymore. So, I purchased the Camera Swagg MoneyMaker . Hold Fast Gear was beyond generous and sent me a new one after reading my story. So I want to give a huge thank you (from my family and I) to everyone that made this possible. Hold Fast Gear helped me not given up on dreams., the best addition to my equipment. A couple of days upon receiving it, it was stolen during a wedding. Along with all but one camera and a lens from my equipment

Okay, now time for my honest review!

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Unlike the other MoneyMaker's, the Camera Swagg came in a one size fits all. Being only 5 feet tall, I was a little skeptic that it would fit me. But it did! The straps adjusted very well. Along with the holster, the 3-camera version I own, came with a pair of CAMERA SWAGG CAMERA LEASH & SAFETY CATCH. The Camera Swagg Camera Leash is perfect to attach a third lighter-weight camera or other accessories to the holster. The options are endless! The Safety Catch is literally a lifesaver! So far, I have not had a moment where any part of the Camera Swagg holster broke or loosened and needed the Safety Catch to perform. Although, I have attached the Safety Catch on my other single camera straps I use, for added security. And it definitely has saved my camera & lens twice already.

Overall, the Camera Swagg holster setup perfectly distributes the weight of my two Canon DSLR'S (with lenses on) against my back. It really doesn't matter what lenses are attached to the camera bodies, the holster will still distribute the weight very well. The biggest lens I've ever attached is a canon 70-200mm. The provided screw that attaches to the camera is very secured, as well as the anchored metal d-rings. The rings make my cameras super accessible, comfortable, and quick to use. Even during a 12-hour wedding day. Ultimately, I would highly recommend the Camera Swagg holster, I have no doubt that you can find a color that suits you personally. Specially for any photographer who has a physical disability affecting their strength or back issues. If you can, please try it out! I personally can wait to try other products in the future from Hold Fast Gear. I've seriously been eyeing their PHOTO BELT, HANG WALLET, EXPLORER WALLET, see? Go check out their accessories too!

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