Friday, June 8, 2018


I am OBSESSED with this GO-Groove DSLR Camera backpack! Comes in multiple colors, lightweight, comfortable, stylish, accessible and organized. Includes a compartment for small laptop and a tripod too! You can definitely fit a Canon 5D Mark iii with a 70-200mm lens.



You definitely have to stay hydrated too!



Camera Swagg, the best Duo-Camera Holster; read my review of it here!



Tile's, what can I say? They help me keep track of my equipment.



And for my single-camera days, I love Capturing Couture. Their selection of camera straps are endless!



6" Amlong Crystal Optical Glass Triangular Prism



Iridescent Pyrmid



Suncatcher - Axicon Rainbow Window - Includes Bonus "Rainbow on Board" Sun Catcher



 I got this at a DAISO JAPAN store! Unfortunately, I could not find a similar one online.



This is so much fun to use at sunset or even at night!






(4 Pack) Altura Photo Thick Protective Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Camera Lens (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic). I also own pouches from Potensic, both are very good! I love throwing them inside my Calvin Klein messenger bag.



 Speaking of, this is my favorite bag to use at weddings. Calvin Klein sure makes some tough bags. I know its not your average camera bag but with lens pouches, this works very well. I love how stylish and sturdy it is! Unfortunately, this one is no longer available (I've had it for years) but I linked a similar sized one.



 For travel and storage, nothing beats the Pelican Air 1535 case...with Disney stickers of course.



  Perfect for portraits and easy to carry!




  Perfect for FULL-BODY portraits and for small groups!



  My favorite bounce card!



  I love using a fanny pack during my shoots! Its perfect for extra batteries, memory cards or even business cards.



I've been using these batteries for who knows how long now. The hold their charge amazingly and super reliable! And to carry my batteries, I've been using these yellow sturdy battery caddies!



 I never like to overcharge my batteries, so this comes in handy a lot!



 I love the versatility of this case! You can store either 4 CF cards, 4 SD, 4 XD or mix and match.



This Elephant Elite memory card case really does protect all my extra memory cards, both CF and SD!

















I've always used SanDisk, wouldn't use any other brand.



The best card reader I've ever used. Transfers my images from SD or CF card to my computer fast!



Save some money and buy a CHEAPER alternative to the Gary Fong Light Sphere.




The best external battery pack I've ever used! My brother used it during his long Japan trip and it never failed a charge he said. You can charge two things at the SAME TIME! Another option is the Anker PowerCore 10000.



I love to listen to music during my shoots and this speaker does the job!




















 This is so much fun to use during a session. You can give your client an instant photo of their session to hold them off until photos are ready!







The Western Digital portable hard drives I've owned over the years have never failed me. Such amazing reliability! I also do use an old 1T Seagate Desktop but it is so old and doesn't exist anymore.



Love drinking this during a wedding or big event. Keeps me full and energized!



















Canon 5D Mark iii and extra batteries is a MUST!

















An alternative for Canon 5D Mark iii batteries that work!


35mm 1.4

My favorite lens to use for portraits sessions that have a beautiful background available.



100mm 2.8

Details, details, details! Perfect for rings shots.



50mm 1.4

My favorite lens to use for close-up portraits. Captures make-up details beautifully!



20mm 2.8

I love using this lens for venue shots, especially during big weddings, this captures the large venues scenery beautifully.



17-40mm 1.4

I use this when I know this lens will be enough for a ligher day of shooting.



70-200mm 4.0

This lens gives me the perfect reach when I cannot be as close to the bride or groom during a wedding or when I am covering a concert/festival.




Super reliable flash and easy to use!


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