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#myDIYKitchenStudio: Grunge vs Glam

Featuring Grunge Brick & Red & White Chevron Printed Background Paper by Savage Universal, who won? Keep on reading to find out!

(Here is a video of my set-up with just a different role of paper.)

First, what do you need you ask? All but the hooks and the paper linked below I'd recommend to get at a local hardware store to make sure the pieces fit together based on your needs. My kitchen only allowed me to use 5ft long rolls of paper. Below are the approximate measurements of what I used.

• 2 elephant ceiling hooks (the exact ones I used here)

• 2 carabiner clips (3.15in in length)

• 2 wood eye-screws (2.5in in length)

• 1 sturdy wooden dowel (1.5in wide by 6ft long)

• 1 roll of Printed Background Paper by Savage Universal

NEXT, just make sure to install the plant hooks onto 2 studs in your ceiling or use any supporting anchors for drywall installation. I personally recommend using a stud over drywall. The hooks I used, hold 100lbs each, 200lbs total on a stud (20lbs each on drywall). What I love about this setup is that its COMPLETELY out of the way when you're not using it. It takes 5-10min max to set-up and take down and the more you do it, the faster you get. Because my setup is in my kitchen, I do remove my roll of paper after each use for safety. If you have a larger kitchen or living-room (your even in a bedroom), you could do this away from any potentially hazardous area.

FINALLY, insert both eye-screws into the flat ends of the wooden dowel (prepare a small hole with a drill). You can add a little wood glue to fill any gaps. Or if you use a metal pipe, pre-drill the a hole right through from the top of the pipe, one on each end (1.5in away from the ends), then insert the eye-screw and secure it with a locknut.

And now your ready to slide in your Savage Universal Printed Paper!

I don't know about you but I feel like flat-lays can be boring sometimes, so what I did was, I rolled out a bit of my Red & White Chevon Paper onto a table and shot a quick flay lay of some of my polariods I had on top with my iphone. I love how warm and vintage it looked after I edited it on VSCO.

This was my first time using printed paper, it was definitely unlike their regular seamless, so versatile! Both rolls were much thicker, heavier, and detailed. The designs were printed on the outer-layer of the paper, so it needed to be rolled out differently, flap facing you instead of away from you. If you set it up like any regular colored seamless paper, the design would of been facing away and the white side (with no design) would be facing you instead. I immediately fixed this issue by flipping the roll the opposite way, so the design would be facing me and this time. When rolled up, the design remains exposed rather then inside the role because again, of the way it was printed. This did make it a little difficult to pull down and roll up. I would recommend anyone with small hands (or even just to protect the design) to unroll the whole roll out somewhere flat and then begin to roll it back with the design inwards, so it re-shapes the roll and its ready for the next use. Only this time it will be 10x easier to roll out and ready your creativity!

Here are the two styles we did for both rolls of paper, what do you think? I think it was tie ;)

The subtle green and red shadows/effects are done with my “RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wand” by Savage Universal!

Follow the #myDIYKitchenStudio hashtag to keep up on all my kitchen shenanigans and hilarious BTS moments. If you make your own DIY Kitchen Studio, make sure to use the hashtag #myDIYKitchenStudio and tag me @envyeighteenphotography on Instagram, so I can see what you guys create!

Grunge Brick Printed Background Paper
Red & White Chevron Printed Background Paper

Grunge Brick Printed Background Paper

Red & White Chevron Printed Background Paper

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